Longyou Longhui Plating Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, production, sales and service of lightning and grounding products, located on a national key development zone –----- Quzhou Southen High Tech Development Zone, Longyou County,Zhejiang, the company covers an area of 10 acres.


Our core competitive products are copperbonded grounding rods and related accessories. After 10 years of development, the production technology and scale are in a leading position in Asia, now we own the world's most advanced fully automatic plating production equipments and 4D high-speed continuous plating process technology.


We perform high standard management systems ,with certifications of ISO9001-2008 ,UL467, IEC62561, the goods were approved by authoritative laboratories at home and abroad,and widely applied to petrochemicals, electric powers, communication base stations, railways, airports and other key large engineerings etc. After these years of professional production and services, Longhui has become a major large supplier in this line.


Along with the development of our enterprise, we came to realized that environmental protection was one of important responsibility for us, under the guidance of this awareness, in 2013,our subordinate enterprise------ Longyou Huaying Sewage treatment Co., Ltd was established, which specializes in treatment of electroplating wastewater, equiped with advanced electrochemical technologies and reverse osmosis membrane technology,serve for both ourselves and factories in neighbhood, the wastewater after been systemically treated,all test results reach the standard of (GB21900-2008)《Emission Standard of Electroplating Wastewater》 Table 3, this technology is also in the top of this field globally.


Being market oriented, with strong technical supports, Longhui warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to work together with us!





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