Man survives lightning strike at local park

Witnesses say they rushed to help a man who was literally blown out of his shoes by a bolt of lightning Saturday. 

It happened at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. 

The man who was hit was identified by witnesses as Venkat Ramani. He was picking up equipment after a cricket match that had just ended. 

Witnesses say the lightning strike came without warning and hit the man on the top of his head. 

Chris Ciccolella ran to help. "It looked like someone had taken a torch to his clothes," he said. 

Venkat suffered serious burns, but it expected to survive. His teammates told 11 News he was taken to a Denver hospital for treatment. 

The park was full of people at the time. They say it wasn't very cloudy. 

"I saw the bright light and immediate thunder," Allison Davis told 11 News. She was at the park with her kids.

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