Lightning rod


1):100 of efficacy in discharge capture 
2):High level of protection
3):Electric continuity guaranteed . The device doesn"t offer any resistance to discharge conduction
4):Lightning rod without electrical components . Maxim durability guaranteed
5):TYB preserves its initial properties after each discharge
6):It doesn"t need external power supply
7):Operation guarranteed in any atmospheric condition (Norms and Tests)
It has a double early streamer emission device
. An early streamer device
. An electro atmosperic condenser 
. Main structure made of stainless steel
. Deflector set made of resine.
MODEL      3.1   3.3   4.3   5.3   6.3  
LEVEL I    25m   45m   54m   63m   70m
LEVEL II   43m   65m   74m   84m   92m
LEVEL III  50m   75m   85m   95m   102m
TYPE      ESE(Eary Streamer Emission)T(us)
TRS-3.1         14US
TRS-3.3         25us
TRS-4.3         34us
TRS-5.3         43us
TRS-6.3         52us

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