Grounding U-clamp

Features & advantage

  1.      Our Copper clamps are strong anti-corrosion, the usage lif is more than 50 years;
  2.      The conductivity is very good, becuase it is made from 99.9% electrolytic molecular bonding steel core which is conjugation completely;
  3.      The copper welding are good plasticity, it can be bended trough a 30  or 90 or 135 degree angle. then do not have any crack and spalling evidence on the steel or the copper cladding.
  4.      The usage range is widely, the copper ground rod can be use in soil with different dampness, temperature and PH range.
  5.      The copper clamp was lower cost, so they are now widely using on power plant, communication system, airport, railway, high building, petroleum chemicals plant and so on;

Normal Size:1/2", 5/8",3/4"

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